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Electroerosions Cut to wire

Actually entered the mold and tool shops in the mid-1970s, wire EDM is a process of metalworking by EDM. The material worked must be electric conductor. By passing an electric current controlled by a generator between a part (anode) and a wire electrode (cathode), thousands of sparks are generated and come to remove the material on the workpiece, regardless of the hardness of the metal.

Chip Vacuums

They are specially designed for the suction and separation of liquids or cutting oils mixed with different solid wastes such as chips, filings, resulting from machining. They are indispensable to the proper functioning of the machine tools and allow the respect of the different standards and regulations in force. Modern machining centers are cartérisés and have their own integrated chip-removal systems.

CNC Punching Machines

For the realization of holes in sheets, the laser is far from having dethroned the good old mechanical punching machines. These remain topical especially thanks to the supplement of the numerical control. The machines become simple to program, more precise and of incomparable productivity.

Bronzes with Tin

The binary tin bronzes are composed of copper and tin, and thus symbolized CuSn. Their nuance varies according to the tin content: CuSn2, CuSn5, CuSn7, CuSn8, CuSn10, CuSn12... As phosphorus residues may be present after melting in reducing medium and deoxidation, some certificates are labelled P (CuSn6P for example). Alloys are sometimes enriched with zinc and/or lead, but are then considered by some professionals to be "appellations by extension".

Stainless Steel

Stainless steels are designed to withstand corrosion (wet as dry), hot oxidation and creeps. For this reason, they contain at minima 10.5% chromium and a maximum of 1.2% carbon, according to the standard NF en 10020 which establishes the classification of steels. In addition to corrosion resistance, the choice of the shade also depends on the mechanical characteristics necessary for the conditions of use, the surface condition, the thickness of the product... The corrosion resistance increases with the percentage of chromium, and even more so if molybdenum is added to the alloy.


Chromium belongs to the family of non-ferrous metals, and more specifically to refractory metals. Widely used, it enters the composition of multiple steels and alloys, making it difficult to estimate its consumption on a global scale. However, figures set its use at a height of 70% for stainless steels.

Preset benches

Since the machine tool has been in place, it has always been necessary to adjust the cutting tool in relation to the workpiece, in order to know where the cutting edge is in diameter, length or depth. With a manual machine, the adjustment operation is to tangent the workpiece with the edges or tip of the tool.


It is typically known as Teflon ®, passed in the current language while it is a trademark registered in 1945 by DuPont de Nemours: The Polytétrafluoréthène, or PTFE, is a thermo-stable and thermoplastic polymer of the family of Polyfluoréthènes – it is composed of carbon atoms and fluorine. It is mainly the polymer of high molecular weight which offers a great versatility, recognized for its many qualities, including its anti-adhesive properties (even the paws of insects do not adhere!) and its chemical inertia.

Co2 Lasers

CO2 Laser cutting and engraving machines use a blend of gas to generate the laser beam

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