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Maillechorts, ternary alloys the term nickel corresponds to metal alloys containing three components: copper, nickel and zinc, with maximum proportions of 65%, 25% and 45% respectively. Generally speaking, to ...


PVDF under the ISO PVDF code, the polyfluoride of Vinylidene, a polymer of the fluoritiques thermoplastics family, is found in the same way as PTFE, better known as Teflon ®. The polymerization is carried out under high pressure and in an aqueous medium ....

Fast Steels

Fast and super fast steels fast steels, or HSS for High Speed steel, are used primarily for the manufacture of cutting tools such as strawberries. Their main characteristic: they are strongly allied, in carbon, in chromium, in molybdenum, in ...

Vertical band Saws

This saw technology is well known in the field of wood where it is commonly used to flow logs or make planks. These compact machines can be found in most mechanical manufacturing workshops.


Moving machines, moving heavy items, positioning tools, most industrial companies need to move heavy loads into their working enclosure.


Any business manager must remain attentive to the financial equilibrium of his company. Cash Management, in addition to ensuring that sufficient liquidity is maintained to meet maturities, while maximizing the profitability of the funds, must also cover the risks of interest rates and foreign exchange and secure payments.

Grinders CNC

If it is an area for which the numerical control has really revolutionized the operating mode, it is that of sharpening and manufacturing cutting tools for metal, especially milling.

Learning Milling Machines

Milling is a machining operation that implements a rotating tool, over a table supporting the workpiece and moving it along three axes. With cutting teeth, the tool removes the material from a workpiece attached to this table, to obtain a precise prismatic piece by chip removal.

Traditional Centerless Grinding Machines

Centerless grinders, or non-center grinding machines, are machine tools that work by abrasion by implementing two face-to-face grinders, with their rotating axis parallel. On a sturdy cast iron, the simplest machines of this type have only one axis, movement, moving a single millstone.

CNC Double side Grinders

The flat parts made of steel, or even heat-treated, are distorted. When grinding on a magnetic tray by a conventional plane grinder, the deformations disappear during the operation but reappear as soon as the magnetization is removed. Their surfaces will be parallel but not rectilinear.

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